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Small Batch          Hand-Crafted          Est. 2016

Apothicaire du Maine is a medicinal cannabis provider and processor in Southern Maine,

dedicated to providing high quality product for our patients.


Our focus is simple; use what nature has given us as a safe and effective

alternative to traditional therapeutics.

We understand and appreciate the importance our products play in the health and

well-being of our patients. Our goal is to provide superior strains grown specifically to help alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life. Its a mission we take seriously, and we urge you to learn more about us so you can make the best possible

choice for your health care needs.

Cannabis Indica medicinal marijuna, Apothicaire Du Maine, Maine, USA.


Also known as “In-da-couch”, this strain of cannabis will do just that to you. CBD tends

to be the dominant component in these strains, and is the reason why so many physical health benefits can be derived from the plant. Insomnia, epileptic seizures, muscle aches, and anxiety

can all be treated with

the help of an

Indica strain.

Cannabis Sativa, medicinal marijuana, Apothicaire Du Maine, Maine, USA.


These strains are best consumed during the day as they’re known for their energetic and uplifting properties. THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is more prevalent than CBD. Due the effects of THC, it can be used to treat fatigue, nausea, depression, ADHD, and the dietary side effects of illnesses such as cancer or anorexia.

Hybrids of Cannabis Indica and Cannabis Sativa medicinal marijuana and plant sales, Apothicaire Du Maine, Maine, USA.


It’s in the name; Sativa and Indica strains have been cross bred in controlled settings to produce plants that have properties of both Indicas and Sativas.


Because every individual

strain within those two categories have varying combinations of THC and CBD, the hybrid

possibilities are endless.

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