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Flower Inica, Sativa, Hybrids Apothicaire Du Maine, Medicinal Marijuana and Plant Sales, Maine, USA.

The fruit of our labor, the plant that steals the show, the surefire original; flower. Using state of the art grow lights and hydroponics, we strive to grow plants that produce rock solid bud formations and high concentrations of THC. The flower that our patients receive is always hand trimmed to ensure maximum THC crystal retention. We offer a variety of strains, some of which are sativas and others are indicas. Hybrids are also frequently in stock. Inventory on bud is alway being refreshed, so be sure to check our menu page for the most up to date information on what is currently available!

Plants | Genetics

Plants & Genetics Individual Plant Sales Medicinal Marijuana Apothicaire Du Maine, Maine, USA.

The majority of the our available genetics have been flowered and brought to fruition by us personally. So we can advise on how they grow (in our system) and what you can expect. If we have a strain that has not been flowered or is in flower currently, then we will

note that as well.

If you are interested in trying some our genetics, send us an email and we can advise as to what strains we have.

For all inquiries, please use the

contact page.


Distillates Indica, Sativa and Hybrids Apothicaire Du Maine, Medicinal Marijuana and plant sales, Maine, USA.

Medical cannabis processing is another specialty of ours. Whether you are a medical patient or a medical grower looking to transform their shake/trim into distillate for edibles or other uses , we can help you. Our approach: Sub zero (-75c) ethanol wash to filter to rotary evaporation to short path distillation. For available inventory, be sure to check the menu page. Growers may use the contact page to reach a representative.